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Genetic Testing - New Cancer Panels and Accessing Genetic Services in Northern Ontario

Article by:   Carleigh Robertson, Genetic Counsellor

Published in the North East Oncology News, Volume 7, Issue 3, December 2017

Northern Regional Genetics Program


The NRGP is a network that includes five genetic counselling programs which provide services to families located in Northeastern and Northwestern Ontario.

The map below indicates the location of our programs.  For more information on the centre nearest you, click the city or on the logos at the bottom.


What we do

The team of counsellors and visiting geneticists at each of our sites offer a variety of clinical and testing services for individuals and families with genetic concerns.  Genetic counselling will provide you with information and guidance that can help you understand and deal with the diagnosis of a genetic condition.

NRGP Genetic services are offered at no charge to Ontario residents, but require a referral from your doctor or other healthcare provider.

To learn more about the details and referral requirements for a specific NRGP program, please click in the map on the city nearest you.

Our Centres

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
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